Credit Repair: How Fast Can It Be Done?

Many Americans face the nagging reality of poor credit. They pay rates for credit cards that are far too high, and they end up facing significant problems in their personal lives. Many set out to change their stars by repairing their credit. The question remains, though. Just how fast can one repair their credit?

Playing the long game for sustainable change

The best approaches to credit repair settle in for the long term. People who want sustainable change can implement approaches that will take two years or more. If you have relatively new information your credit report that harms your score, then patience will be a part of your approach. Simply put, you’ll need to wait until negative reporting elements age out of relevancy before you can experience serious credit score growth.

Seeing immediate results

There are ways, however, to see immediate credit improvement over the course of a few months. Disputing incorrect information and curing serious delinquencies can raise your credit score by a hundred points in some instances. This repair will be felt almost instantaneously. Even though immediate results may keep you going, if you want to experience long-term credit repair, you will need to be patient. The process may take years in some cases.

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