How To Fix Your Credit

While you were out shopping, a store clerk convinced you to apply for a credit card. You were reluctant at first, but she offered you a 10% discount for being such a good sport. You did not want to pass up the great deal, so you gave her your personal information and waited for the response. A couple of minutes later, she told you your application was denied because of your credit score.

If this happens to you, or if you had a similar experience, there is no reason to feel hopeless. You can fix your credit score in a number of ways, but a consolidation service may be the most viable option. Before you speak to any consultants, it would be wise to check your own credit score and credit history. Get a copy for your records, and take it to a reliable and responsive debt consolidator.

The debt administrator will take a look at the bills you owe, and they will compile them into one montly payment. By paying off your existing bills, they can set you up with a brand new loan with new terms. Your interest will be lower, your late fees will vanish, and the new loan will overshadow the previous blemishes on your record. As you pay off the loan, your credit score will rise and credit denials will be a thing of the past.

Image: / artursz